FrostBytes is a web application for monitoring cold supply chain. This is a project we did in SAP Leonardo Industry Use Cases Hackathon. Luckily, we won the third prize!

Cold Chain:

Cold Chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. We use ice cream as our use case to simulate the real world scenario. Our goal is to monitor the temperature throughout the whole cold supply chain - moving through the truck loaded the milk, tank, ice cream factory, putting into different patch, and to the end customer. We have a hardware device which embedded multiple sensors, such as GPS, temperature etc. This device can pass the live data to our personal device, such as Ipad or laptop.

The Design:

UI is divided by two parts. The top section shows the general information and map while the bottom section shows the detail information about temperature and checkpoints.

The Prototype:

Working with other two developers, we create a low-fi prototype to demo our concept.