Internal Server Management Suite


In SAP, there are many groups are continuously charged for servers that did exist in the past but do not exist anymore, hence dead servers. Therefore, We start to build an internal tool for servers management.

Warm up

In design phase, I started with a design challenge by making an UI mock-up. This mock-up became an important style guide for this project later. (For more details, check below)

Project Scopes

To deliver this project sucessfully, we set three scopes for this porject.

A. Data Transparency
B. Data Clean Up
C. Call for Actions.

Long story short, data transparency is our starting point since we want to know where we can save money! The data transparency allows us to know which orgs are spending money on servers, and how many they are spending monthly, which leads to more questions - Are those servers active or inactive? What's the utility of those server? and more ~ To bring up the data transparency, we develop our first app of suite "ISER"!

After user research and some early attempts, we found out that in order to shut down the servers, we need more server inforamtion and the access to people who responsible for servers. We can get the data from other system in SAP but the system is so outdated and the information is not always correct. This is one of the biggest challenge for our project!

Once we know those information, we can generate tickets and send it to the person resposible. They can help us clean up the data such as update infromation in old system or even terminate the inactive server, etc.

Our first APP - "ISER"

ISER short for Internal Servers Expense and Report is an app for monitoring monthly cost of servers throughout all SAP organizations. ISER is the app we want to bring out data transparency; however, we found out ISER is far from enough for providing all the information to determine whether a server should be shut down or not.

Project Goal

After creating ISER, we found out integrating different use cases and providing information access might be very complex. So, we decide to develop a suite instead of one application. We target our users to over all person in charge, the infastructure coordinator team, and our project owner. Different users can access different applications to fullfill their needs.


We expand our current application "ISER" into Internal Servers Management Suite which integrate the expense report app (substitude the "old ISER"), the server app, and the OPC app.

In design perspective, we need to come up with consistent design language and style. The suite inherit the design language from ISER, and based on that we create a brand new style guide and design language.

Design Language

We come up with a new style guide for our product. In design perspective, we need to modularize our design and bring flexibility. Therefore, we can add more features or even applications into the current product.

Expense Report APP

Due to the expansion, "ISER" got a new name "Expense Report", and a new style. The content and functionality of Expense Report stay the same with the old ISER.

Server APP:

The server app provides all detail information for a server.


When an over all person in charge (OPC) log on, he or she can see all the servers they own. In this app we also want to include a feature - ticket. We generate different tickets for those server owner, such as update the server information, shut down the server, etc. This feature can help us clean up the data and really start to shut down some inactive servers.

Landing Page and Navigation:

The landing page allows user to do global search and channels different users to different applications. The hamburger menu can help users to jump one app to another.


I think we are still at the very early stage of this project. We are still figuring out how to build the server app and the OPC app. There are many challenges in this project, such as cannot get the data that match users' needs, data constriants design, different user groups require different authority to different apps, etc.